Back Office Financial Solutions

Salon Realty employs sophisticated financial accounting software that provides comprehensive, customizable financial reports. Our state of the art bar code scanning system backs up your files multiple times daily, minimizing the possibility of data loss. Your building's financial information is in real time and available 24/7. A stringent internal system of checks and balances ensures accurate, honest and precise financial reporting, including monitoring and payment of all accounts payable, billing and collection of accounts receivable, cash management of operating and reserve funds, project budgeting, cost control monitoring and debt service assistance.

Each client is provided with secure log-in credentials used to view our monthly report packages. From any device with internet access, our clients can conveniently review their current and past financial reports. Reports can also be emailed or sent in hard copy if desired. Log-in credentials can be provided to all partners, accountants, or any authorized representative.

Included in our comprehensive monthly statements are the following:

  1. Bank statement and reconciliation.
  2. All charges billed and collected.
  3. All checks written for the month.
  4. Copies of all paid invoices.
  5. Rent roll including lease dates and security deposits
  6. Arrears report.
  7. Reserve fund and money market account activity
  8. All open invoices and payments due by vendor.
  9. Budget analysis.

Other financial services include

  • Ongoing communication with clients outside accounting professionals
  • Audit assistance
  • Partner distributions and capital calls
  • Tenant buyouts
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Administration of security accounts
  • ACH and credit card payment options
  • Modified cash or accrual accounting
  • Cash/asset management